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born and raised in the eternal city, aside from four years she spends in new york to foster her personal growth, she currently lives in rome. in 2013 she begins shooting regularly while perfecting the skills necessary to master all the rules of photography, but it is only at the end of 2019 that she offers her work out to the public when she takes part in the wave market fair in rome.

self-taught in digital photography, post processing and printing, she is constantly approaching new shooting methods that break the rules while experimenting different post processing techniques to provoke the limits of photography in not being able to reproduce movement. on a medium that is static and lethargic she frequently uses multiple exposures or other unconventional shooting methods (such as using tilt-shift and vintage lenses), to emphasize movement rather than documenting the harsh, vivid and sharp reality.

reality in fact is depicted partially, and it constitutes only part of the message she is willing to deliver; the other part is in the hands of the viewer and their imagination, background, aspirations, as the observer has a chance to complete the whole picture (pun intended!) on their own if they give in to their inner voice.

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i am currently taking a breather but you can contact me any time on instagram @nellyschneiderphotography.

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