the homage and the hero collection

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the homage and the hero collection is conceived with a sense of deep gratitude for the unicity and beauty of what i have around and for the chance i get to experience it. in this collection i depict the appreciation for the works of others in creating such beauty by the dual relation between the homage and the hero.

on one hand, the erratic and vulnerable life of the hero of the many shots taken, who is experiencing the surroundings, who defines that space, who becomes the main focus in the final image, who caught my interest and attention. the hero is the bystander who maybe arrived from the other side of the planet and is now stunned by beauty all around.

on the other hand, the piece of architecture, the homage, or the gift left by those who came before us. sometimes culprit of pain and suffering, punishments and sacrifices, the homage is there so that we can admire it while fulfilling its purpose at the same time; of different nature compared to the hero, this time permanent and static, the homage has been there for centuries.

the homage and the hero, in their opposed nature, eventually get together, they flow into a dance, they melt in a multitude of shots overlapped on each other so to finally recap the entire work done on location. the images layered on each other emphasize the mutual intention of the homage and the hero to be together, enjoy each other, honoring the gift received. the ultimate goal, ambitious, is to convey the two elements into a single dynamic piece, to give strength and purpose to movement and to recover the motion temporarily lost in the single shots.

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