the lost identity collection

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we are all a mere number. out of the blue we suddenly find ourselves flowing with no boundaries in deep uncertainty about our near future, unable to predict any outcomes. we are spinning with no clue on destination, things around feel almost ethereal, as wrapped up in utter silence, deep and extraordinary. no more unicity to make us special, no more distinct identities, the sharp lines once defining each and every one of us are now melting and fading away. this pandemic abruptly levels differences of age, gender, religious beliefs, occupation or social status. it affects everyone. we temporarily lose ourselves on behalf of the community. only the greater good counts now.


at the beginning there is much confusion, we feel disoriented, our vision is turbid. we do not know what to think of it, we feel scared and baffled. we are confined to our home, and we appreciate the importance of having one more than ever. days pass by and seem all identical, time is elastic, time is suspended. is this really happening?



we resign ourselves to this new normal, we become accustomed to wearing a face mask, though some things are clearer the overall is still foggy. we settle down because we are tired of being scared, we randomly feel lethargic and apathetic. but when is this going to be over?



it is a new day, the vaccine is out, hope is on its way. we see things differently now as our vision of the big picture is getting sharper. we endured so much for so long that we are longing for recovering our old habits back asap. there must be an end after all, and we start perceiving it now.

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